PACE organizations offer preventive care and wrap around services for eligible seniors.

Senior CommUnity Care PACE is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. Senior Community Care PACE uses Medicare and Medicaid to cover all of your medically necessary care and services, however, you may be fully and personally liable for the costs of unauthorized or out-of-pocket PACE program agreement services.

A private pay option is also available.

Mission & Values

The Senior CommUntiy Care PACE mission is to enhance the quality of life and independence for frail, older adults by providing services, which help them stay in their community and in their own residence.

Our Values focus around:

• Extraordinary Care
• Collaboration and Teamwork
• Mutual Respect
• Supporting Dignity of Each Individual
• Honest Communication
• Confidentiality
• Individual Choice and Preferences

The PACE Philosophy: Supporting Independence

The mission of Senior CommUnity Care PACE is to help you live safely in the community and your own home as long as possible. To meet this goal, PACE organizations focus on preventive care and collaboration with your care team.

Senior CommUnity Care is one source for all your care.
When you enroll in the Senior CommUnity Care program, we provide and are responsible for all of your care, which is provided to you at no cost if you are both Medicare and Medicaid eligible, and the service is approved by the IDT. Let us help you determine if you qualify. However, you may be financially responsible for any care you receive outside the program that is not approved by the PACE interdisciplinary team (except in an emergency).

Services Designed to Meet Your Individual Needs

• Senior CommUnity Care PACE provides care and services in the home, the community and our PACE centers.
• Many participants receive most of their care from our expert staff at our PACE centers or from their contracted community provider.
• To make sure you can attend our PACE centers, we provide all medically necessary transportation to our center for activities and medical appointments.

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