PACE was a Godsend to me and my wife, who was a participant. I have never seen a group of more caring and compassionate people in my life. The staff filled my wife’s last days with joy and love. The PACE staff truly does God’s work. Bless them all. ~ Bob S.
The PACE program has been the answer to my prayers. Without PACE, my mom would have ended up in a rest home. With PACE, she is able to continue living in her own apartment which gives her independence. The very caring and helpful PACE staff greets her every morning and brings her to the center for lunch where she enjoys the folks at her table and participates in activities. They also help her with showers. The PACE program gives me piece of mind and I am very grateful! ~ K. Duncan
The PACE staff is absolutely wonderful and if it wasn’t for PACE, my brother probably would not be alive. My wife and I could not care for him. God Bless the PACE staff. ~ Tom L.
The PACE program was an incredible find for our father and our family. This program provided us with the peace of mind that our father was being well cared for event as his needs changed and required more services. The PACE program allowed our father to remain in his home until his passing. Without this program, he most certainly would have been in a nursing home as we would not have been able to provide the level of care PACE provided. The care he received from the PACE caregivers was beyond compassionate. Every caregiver treated my dad like he was family and in turn he felt that his caregivers were trusted friends. PACE provided my Dad with a compassionate and dignified passing and our family will be forever grateful. My sister, brother and I consider PACE to be an invaluable resource in this community and believe it should be available in all communities. We recommend PACE to anyone with elderly family members. It’s an amazing program staffed with outstanding, caring, responsible people. Keep up the good work, you are appreciated! ~ Debbie E.
I cannot say enough about how wonderful the PACE program and their staff is. Upon my sister’s passing, PACE provided a wonderful memorial service. A big thank you to PACE. ~ Teresa R.
PACE has been so kind and helpful to my Mom. She enjoys more quality of life because of PACE. ~ Sandy B.

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