Senior CommUnity Care provides for all the health care and social needs of seniors who enroll in our program. It is the sole service provider for participants and guarantees access to services, but not to a specific provider. Senior CommUnity Care contracts with the majority of primary care physicians and specialists in Delta and Montrose County.

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Door to door transportation services to PACE Centers


Door to door transportation services to Medical Appointments


Drivers provide safety oversight for participants during loading and unloading


Drivers are first aid trained


Drivers must pass drug screening and background checks

Medical & Specialty
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Accessibility to PACE clinics in both Delta and Montrose counties


Primary Care services provided by our In-house physician or in many cases, by your current primary care physician


Nursing Care provided in PACE clinic. Nursing on call services 24 hours per day, 365 day per year


Specialty services provided by contracted physicians in the community


Labwork, X-rays and Surgery


Emergency care




Coordinated care provided by PACE Interdisciplinary Team and provides care plan review every six months or more often if needed to ensure participant needs are addressed


Nutrition support provided by our Dietician at the PACE Center


Spiritual support provided by our Chaplain


Case Management services provided by our social workers

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Care provided in both the PACE Clinics and home environment


On call nursing services available 24-hours per day, 365 days per year

Prescription & Non-Prescription
Drug Coverage
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Medication management oversight


Medications provided at no copay


Home delivery of medications


Assistance in managing multiple medications


Medication reminders

Medical Equipment
& Supplies
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Durable Medical Equipment such as canes, walkers and wheelchairs


Home delivery of incontinence products


Home delivery of supplements for weight stabilization


Disclosure/Disclaimer: Participants may be liable for costs if DME (Durable Medical
Equipment) is not approved by IDT.

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Delicious, warm and healthy meals served weekdays at PACE centers

Physical, Occupational
& Speech Therapy
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Physical therapy services to develop, maintain and
restore maximum 
movement and functional ability provided by licensed therapists at the PACE centers


Occupational therapy service to assist individuals
develop, recover 
and improve the skills needed for daily living
at the PACE centers


Home visits and modifications to ensure a safe living environment

Relief Services for
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Respite stays for participants

In-Home Services
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Skilled home health services


Personal care such as bathing, dressing and medication assistance


Meal preparation


Light housekeeping

Therapeutic Recreation
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Activities are purposeful and therapeutic in nature
Activities are offered 5 days per week in both centers. These activities include: fine arts classes, music classes, book groups, sports, crafts, cognitive games, dance, adult education and entertainment


Activities are facilitated by Therapeutic Recreation professionals and aides


Therapeutic Recreation Activities promote health, wellness, socialization, sense of community, lifelong learning, engagement and skill development


Numerous outings offered monthly in both centers


Health and wellness activities such as aquatic exercises, Tai Chi and indoor/outdoor sports


Therapeutic Recreation activities promote quality of life and independence


Opportunity to create a Living Legacy highlighting participants lives

Dental Care
And Dentures
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Cleaning and preventative care by a Dental Hygienist


Dental work provided by a PACE dentist or contracted provider in the community


Upon assessed need, dentures will be provided expeditiously as necessary for each participant

Vision Care,
Including Glasses
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Vision services provided by a contracted provider in the community


Upon assessed need, eyeglasses will be provided expeditiously as necessary for each participant

Hearing Care
(Hearing Aids)
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Hearing services provided by a contracted provider in the community


Upon assessed need, hearing aids will be provided expeditiously as necessary for each participant

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Preventative and routine foot care

Mental Health
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Mental health services with contracted providers to enhance independence and growth of our participants


Grief and support services


Social workers and case managers assist with provision of additional resources as needed


Spiritual services provided by PACE Chaplain

Palliative and End-of-Life Care
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Participant and family-centered care that is focused on improving quality of life and relieving suffering in the last years, months, weeks or days of life


Care addresses physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs


Care provided in your home or community setting by the PACE team


Respectful of individual autonomy, self-determination, and personal wishes

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